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T-Rock Christian

Peter Chomba who goes by T-rock Christian was Born in Mufulira on the 4th of February 1995.
    Growing up in a Christian home were his father is a pastor and his mother is a strong believer, he on the other hand was different but still believed in doing right.
    He loved listening to music growing up but never thought of being an artist himself.
 In 2012, he was sent to a boarding school in his 11th grade in Solwezi were his father had started working after moving from the Copperbelt. It was within the same year while in boarding school that he gave his life to Christ and in the same year, he discovered that he could sing and rap.
    He recorded his first song called victory in his last year of high school. A year just after high school,  he went to study Automotive Mechanics at Solwezi Trades Training institute while he was working as a Radio Presenter at a local radio station.
     Because of the great passion he had developed for music, he took an interest in learning production in 2014 and started producing himself at home from 2014 to 2018. He says his music is inspired by the love of God in his life, his experiences and by people and things that surround him.
     When asked why he sings gospel music, he says,” Before everything existed, the word was, I am nothing without the word. God gave me this Gift and preaching His word through it is what sustains my life”.


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