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RK – Richard Kapambwe

Zambian, Gospel artist Richard Kapambwe populary know as  RK is a Gospel rapper based in solwezi, Zambia. He was born in Mansa and in 2009 moved to Solwezi in northwestern province. He first fell in Love with Music at a very young Age when he was inspired by the likes of Lacrea, Pompi, Trip Lee, Yellow Dove, KB, Jos Jay and Flame. In 2012 he developed the desire of becoming a rapper and in 2013 he found himself writing his own rap song lyrics on a piece of paper and that’s how he developed the artistry of lyricism in 2013. His first record label was Solwezi productions abbreviated as SL With Dee Jay Poison, after doing a couple of projects with SL production, He latter decided to switch to another record label due to the fans and other people who complained that SL’s production wasn’t that soothing. Certified Music became his New record label and in 2015 he decided to form up a Gospel Music band called Vessel of Christ abbreviated as V.O.C. In November 2019, He was signed to Certified Music camp, but later Withdrew the signing contract due to personal reasons. Under the Certified  Music camp, RK released enumeration of incredible Gospel Music such as God First featuring Clay’n, special Creation and Worthy featuring T- rock Christian. Rk has recently worked on a single song tilted ICILAMBU CA LUBEMBU and it features most and phenomenal artists like Nath k, T- rock Christian, Clay’n, Temple and Mwelwa.

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