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T-Rock Christian – Wheel (Ep)

Super talented gospel singer and rapper T-Roch Christian has released a master piece of an Ep Titled Wheel. Wheel Ep is so artistic and lyrically deep while so enjoyable and captivating at the same time. When we sat down with T-Rock he had this to say about this awesome Ep ” The EP is titled WHEEL and it is my first Ep. It has only trap feel songs. I wanted to try out different feel music and to be honest I have come to love trap music and I had a lot of fun working on this Ep. It starts with an intro song which is very short about 1 munite titled Beauty in My Brokenness.


I have worked with a few talented artists, I have feature Lukumo kayamba on the song titled CLOSER who does the worshiping music and she still came amazing.


and I featured Nechu a Gospel rapper on the song titled KINGDOM BUSINESS.


I have also featured two ther rappers, D-drex (from the HashTag, the group that once won the Kwacha Music Awards in 2017) and Silas Willard (a Gospel rapper from Lusaka). These two rappers got featured on a song named MTD (making the diffrence).


Another song on the Ep is titled I Did It


I also decided to include a peom By a brother, friend and amazing writer, Sylvester Chimbipa which is titled Wheels on Your Will It’s the last track on the Ep.


This EP has 7 tracks and each one of these minister differently but all leading to The Wheel, allowing God to be the driver, letting Him take the steering Wheel in our lives and be in control.


I have shared a lot of my life on this Ep because I believe that it’s our lives that encourage preach better. The entire EP is an introduction of something powerful that I have been working since the end of 2018 and I may likely release it next. I thought I give the people a sample of what I have been working on as they wait for the big thing. Thank you for Listening and Downloading My God Bless you “

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