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On February 1st 2017, Dreamtwinz released their first Ever album titled “Heyday” which is available now on iTunes and other online stores worldwide. smarturl.it/6dix8x

Dreamtwinz is a pop music duo made up of identical twin brothers Greem and Eisenhower Mwenisongole who are Singers,Dancers,Songwriters and Composers.

Greem and Eisenhower were born on 13th December 1991 in Zambezi,Zambia and grew up in Solwezi,Zambia.Alternating between the two towns,they developed their musical talent by miming popular pop songs by Backstreet Boys and Westlife at local school functions at an early age of eleven years and later in their high school days included popular songs by P-Square and Michael Jackson.They then started writing their own songs when they were still in high school.The first ever song that was written was “In My Dreams” which was later released as their first ever single on May 7,2011 and later came to release their second single β€œLive Another Day”,The singles are available on Itunes at
smarturl.it/6dix8x and on other online stores.

Greeam and Eisenhower went on a music break in order to finish their tertiary Education. Greem went to the University of Zambia in 2010 and in 2015 graduated with a Bachelor of science degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Management while Eisenhower went to Evelyn Hone college of applied arts in 2012 and in 2014 graduated with A Music and English Teachers Diploma. Since thier completion of school Dreamtwinz have returned to music and have now come to release their first ever album titled “Heyday” on 1 February 2017. Eisenhower is now a profesional music producer and produced three quarters of the instrumentals on the Heyday album. Dreamtwinz write and compose all their songs themselves.
In 2016 Dreamtwinz launced their self owned record label “Twinzfly Records” and are currently the only artists signed to it. Their latest album titled “Heyday” which came out on 1 february 2017 is their first ever album and was released under Twinzfly Records. Dreamtwinz is determined and set to reach the top as thier moto for the label says “Music that makes you fly”

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