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I grew up in Ndola city (on the Copper-belt).

I am a born and raised catholic. I began taking my passion for music seriously when I was in high school, where I formed a group called ‘Mikate clan’ (bread boys) which consisted of friends from different circles.

Next up was the PBI crew, which sort of confirmed that music indeed ran through my veins! I joined this group & worked with the likes of Yumba, Sachi, Chiqo B & Swissh.

so my journey continues… i met up with Typhoon a good friend of mine, Dj Jam Wizard & we formed a ‘dream team.’

 We decided to take our music to another level & Jam wiz introduced us to our first pro music producer Inferno AKA I.N.F from Iron-Horn studios -Tyme Lyne Entertainments (TLE).

Our first RnB album ‘Typhoon &Deep-low’ Ft Dj Jam wizard came out in 2004 & featured tracks like Unitaila Ntawi, Mwina Mwandi and Shipikisha.

In 2005 I met Double TMK as I like to call them, consisting of brother (Recording Artist)and sister (Hone Fm Radio Dj). We recorded a song called ‘Knock the house down ft. skyscraper, Kritic & Magnum44.

2007 Our Mixtape project under TLE, dropped…Thanks to producers Inferno & Nyno, songs like ‘Nangubalande, Drowning, I don’t care and Nganalishebe’ were appreciated by our exclusive audience.

In 2009 I  started working on my solo mixtape which I dubbed ‘Deep-low’ (Doing it again) with songs like ‘what we do, RIP, Ifintu nakwata & VIP Model’ produced by Inferno & some songs by X from Net1 studios.

After losing my niece Natasha (Jelly Tot) in 2010 I featured on the song ‘Ekondeya’ by the blessed brothers (Elisha Chikonde & Jethro  Chikwanda) produced by Artson from Xblusters studios in Itawa, Ndola.

 At this point, I got to doing gospel music &  2013 my album “NANGUBALANDE” was born.

 This album is a Gospel Rap\pop album with features by Suna, Ruth(Kristal), B.O.C.,T.A, Stanislaus, Blessed brothers, SiFe, Norbet, CIA, Kelvin (DMK) Br Mukuka (the list is almost endless) J on songs like Real love, Godforbid, Chapters, Nanaka, Aladwila , Alempala, Bless the lord & what the lord has done

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